About Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer in India

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer affecting Indian women.

Indian Population – 1.15 Billion
Number of New Cancer Patients Detected – 7 Lakhs
Number of Breast Cancer Patients – 2 Lakhs

Peak Incidence: 50 – 60 Yrs
Learning the facts about breast cancer could save your life.

The Breast

The breast is largely made up of fat and breast tissue. Breast tissue comprises lobes containing lobules that produce milk and linking ducts that carry the milk to the nipple during breastfeeding. There are five to ten ductal systems in each breast, each with its own opening at the nipple.

The breast also contains nerves, blood and lymph ducts (that carry lymph, a colourless fluid), and connective tissue that helps hold everything in place. The lymph vessels lead to bean-shaped lymph nodes found around the armpit, above the collarbone and in the chest. Lymph nodes and ducts are part of the lymphatic system which helps the body to fight infection.

The main chest muscle lies under each breast and covers the ribs.